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What we do

Obtaining environmental safety

The installation makes it possible to produce green energy and to be part of a sustainable development approach.

Generates a satisfactory profit

The plant can be operated at an optimal level for at least 20 years. Guarantee of profitable solar projects

Safety for everyone and everything.

The installation guarantees the safety of the people intervening on the site, the goods and the neighborhood are protected.

Our Services

Services offered to our clients

Operation & maintenance

Monitoring of indicators and information system anticipation of material failures management of spare parts and maintenance renewal of components.

Establishment of procedures and methods for carrying out maintenance

Carrying out preventive and corrective interventions

Operations - local support

Proposing 100% local support services to international contractors for the operation phase in order to guarantee the performance and durability of their services.

Logistical assistance (customs procedures, search for local actors).

Proposal of qualified personnel.

Consulting and training

Feasibility study on the opportunity to initiate a solar energy training in a commune, a village or a town.

Data collection on mini grids, hybrid solar power plants related to renewable energy projects.

Study and design of solar photovoltaic plants.

Construction site - installation and connection of photovoltaic systems

Training in diagnosis and troubleshooting

Local construction support

Reception of equipment, coordination of activities, monitoring of work.

Participation in commissioning and acceptance.

Electrical and mechanical provision of skilled workers (electrician, labor, machine operator) - installation of mechanical structures.

Civil engineering folding of the construction site earthworks buildings trench hydraulic study soil study topographic study.

Food, water, accommodation and office logistics for the site.

Human resources - safety - HSE.

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